You will know when your product changes its world.

The three pillars to sustainable innovation.

The three pillars of your Innovation Temple

But wait, doesn’t everything come down to execution?

Threats and mitigations for human survival

What does success look like and does it involve cloud?

Cloud is not the business outcome, it is an enabler.

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You must have poise not pose to really innovate.

Use the list below to rapidly asses if you are poised or posed to innovate.

  • You have an ‘innovation panel’ but it has no budget and no direct links to the CEO
  • You have to go through ‘a business process’ to justify experimentation
  • You have no means to experiment, not even pretending to allow it
  • Your staff are not…

Did it move your compass?

Which stories moved your compass?

Did it move your compass?

Did it make you change your mind?

She was once a hero, but had never told her story.

She risked everything to save him

Make your services reduce or reverse risk for customers

Your service must reduce or reverse risk over the long-term, to stay relevant and highly-valued.

Help customers make their businesses leaner and more efficient with C3R

Data needs to become information for it to have value.

Processing data costs time and money. Should you process in ‘realtime’ or something else?

  • Real-time
  • Near-time

Max Envoy

Professional advisor to gov and industry, creator, amateur father. I write about business, strategy, product innovation, technology and success.

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